What: Potluck! A potluck is a meal in which each family brings food to contribute. We will arrange the food on a long table to share.

When: This Sunday, right after service.

Why: This is a community-building event! It is an opportunity to get to know each other better and to develop friendships within our church :)

Please Bring: Please bring a dish that would be enough for your family to eat, with extra to share. It could be a dish that is traditional in your family culture or simply a type of food that your family enjoys eating. Short on time? Lousy cook? Bring a pizza! The important part is that we enjoy each others company (and everyone loves pizza)

**The church will provide the bread rolls, butter, dessert & juice. Please don’t bring these items for the potluck!**

(If you would like to stay for the potluck but are unable for any reason to bring food, please send me an email! We want everyone to stay and share in the lunch no matter what)

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