What can you expect when you visit Real Life Community Church? You may be surprised to meet God in such an ordinary environment. We gather for worship in an Elementary School because we believe that God isn’t found just in stained-glass cathedrals but also in the everyday spaces of life.

As you enter the school’s foyer you will be greeted by the smell of fresh coffee, the sounds of children playing, and friends laughing and visiting together. Nobody is dressed up, instead people wear their normal weekend clothes. At 10:30, people gather in the Gymnasium as the music starts.

After a few minutes of singing, the children eagerly head down the hall to several classrooms where they will participate in a learning experience designed just for them. Once the kids have cleared out, the adults sing a few more songs and then listen to a message, usually a video message from a Northview Pastor. Aaron Goulet, the campus pastor, hosts the service and will preach live every so often. 

The message connects the truths of the Bible with everyday life. It is understandable and relevant to anyone, regardless of where they are on their spiritual journey. People are listening, and even laughing along with the occasional funny story. After the service ends, there is some time to visit with each other if desired. 

So, there you have it! If you are looking or a Gospel centered community of believers in the Fleetwood/Surrey area, come by on a Sunday and check us out.