Melissa Goulet
Hey Everyone, 

Due to the increased level of concern around the COVID-19 pandemic, along with the BC governments recommendation for social distancing, we will be suspending church services until further notice. 

Over the summer We are "gathering" as a church every other Sunday @ 10:30 over zoom. Please reach out to us for information on these services ([email protected]).

We are also tuning into Northview services on the other weeks. Northview uploads their online services every Saturday evening service at 5:30pm, and have multiple services for kids and adults. 

We need to remember that "church" is a body of believers, not the building where those believers meet! And as people defined by our desire to follow Jesus, it is important that we continue to grow in our faith and be discipled even when we aren't able to gather together physically.

A few other housekeeping items:
Financial giving - If you are already set up for pre-authorized giving that's great! If you are not, we would ask that you continue to give using our online service. Here is the link:
Prayer Ministry - How can we pray for you! Please call, text or email if you have a prayer need. 
Be encouraged, church! 
In Christ,