Melissa Goulet

Hi there Real Life Community Church,    

well...this is a surprise!  Yesterday we were contacted by the Surrey School District and informed that they had cancelled ALL rentals in ALL schools this weekend, because of snow.   

So unfortunately, we will not be meeting tommorow (February 25) for our normal worship service (and potluck lunch). We plan to resume our regular service the following Sunday, as normal.  

Sometimes, there is a hidden opportunity in these  unexpected interruptions. Maybe God is giving us all a little break from our weekend routine.  How can we make the most of this opportunity?

Let me make a couple suggestions of ways you can spend your Sunday morning:  

you could take a "Sabbath" break tommorow morning. Maybe this is a chance for you to sleep in, and spend a leisurely morning with your family & God. Reflect on where God has been at work in your life, and spend a few minutes in scripture and prayer. 

you could engage in fellowship by inviting another family over for brunch together. There is something really special about inviting others into our homes...

you could meet up with friends for some "outdoor fun" fellowship.  If it's not too wet on Sunday morning, our familly is hoping to head out for some tobbagganing or ice skating.

Check the RLCC Facebook page on Sunday morning for updates about where we are're welcome to join us!   

Either way, I hope you enjoy a good weekend. And we look forward to worshipping togther again on Sunday, March 4th!